Monday, December 30, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Seventy One : The Best and Worst of 2013

Thanks for another great year. fellow geeks, nerds, and beyonders! Our hobbits crawl out of their winter holes to bring you their favorite movies, books, TV shows, and video games of 2013.  And as not to be biased, we also bring you our worst!  Who had the most controversial picks?  Which picks do you agree with?  Did Elizabeth actually do anything other than MMOs?  Find out the answer to these questions, plus answers to questions you would never think to ask.  

The hosts chat about their holidays. We discuss Doctor Who and the end of Matt Smith.  And we end with a rapid fire Media Mania.  Come celebrate the death of another year and a birth of another (Take THAT Mayans!)  Come get full year of earhole pleasure in a condensed 2 hour show!

This will be the BEST episode of the year*

*that contains our three hosts' thoughts on what was the best and worst of 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Seventy I Wish You Liked Better Things

Stuffed with food and stuffed with content, our hosts waddle back for this week's episode.  We catch up on what we have seen, done, and will do. Elizabeth has a paycheck. Jonathan has been hired for his woodworking. And Ryan didn't get pie! We have special guest Superfan Eric on to talk about the PS4.  Disney movies are our top 5. We chat Doctor Who 50th anniversary, Thor 2, and more!  Come, give us two hours of your life. You probably won't regret it. 

Pleasure your earholes since you've pleasured your tummies! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Nine : Indiana Jones Ruins Everything

The gang is back in business and bringing you the four movies about an "archeologist" to finds treasures, bangs women, and destroys history; all in the name of science!  Harrison Ford plays the titular Indiana Jones.  We tackle Raiders of the Lost Arc, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  What was good, what was bad, what was hilarious. We have offensive impressions by all, ranking the movies, and a few arguments (I know, you are all shocked!). 

We learn about Ryan's honeymoon. Jonathan is building more things.  Elizabeth tries to be nice for all of five minutes.  A top 5 about Disney characters that would be created from, or would survive a nuclear explosion.

Come get hit by our giant boulders in this episode and get pleased at both ends... of your head... I mean, your ears....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Eight : Manscaping

Back again! Elizabeth is not with us this episode, so we tried to fill her shoes with a C-cup sized celebrity. Rob Briscoe from the Uncanny XCast joins our ranks this episode. Rob joins our young hosts and propels us past the 2 hour mark!  Our top 5 covers our favorite coming of age movies.  We talk Ryan's obsession with random tech. Jonathan joins the Android ranks.  Rob finds more ways to illegally acquire things, this time internet TV.  We gush on Gravity, and don't quite fall head over heals for SHIELD. 

Learn more than you wanted to know about Ryan's grooming habits. Jonathan will build you anything out of wood. Rob plays a video game from within the last century. Xbox One vs PS4. And much, much, MUCH more.

Pleasure your earholes on this highly entertaining ep 68 of DAMPcast

MP3 file

Catch Rob and the Uncanny Xcast HERE

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Seven : The Mr. T of Worfs

You can stop worrying. Our trio of hosts bring you back into the fold with a humorous, unguided episode. We tackle a top 5 shows from the 80s or 90s we would like to see remade. LEGOs, movies, and TV shows are on the list. Elizabeth loves some Archer quotes. Jonathan built something new. Ryan gives us his Ender's Game review. All of this, plus more! Pleasure those ear holes on this week's show.
M4A file


Sunday, September 8, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Six : In Russia, Surgery Plastics You

Joyous occasion, as DAMPcast is back in your earholes. We are in for a full episode, as our top five is what we would do with a million dollars. We saw movies and TV shows. Game playing happened. Random topics include Star Trek, a plastic surgery girl in Russia, and cats! Come join the fun! Plus we have new intros and outros. 

So pleasure your earholes this week, with the 66th episode of A Dingo Ate My Podcast.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

DAMPcast Episode 65 - Alien Quadrilogy - Game Over, Man!

Our hosts finally come through their hyperslumber and arrive in your earholes. We tackle the 4 original Alien movies, and review them just for you all. Elizabeth even watched one! Jonathan and Ryan are your guides through the horror, the violence, the nonsense, and the face hugging. We rank them, along with adding Prometheus, and how they hold up.

We have a top 5 of our least favorite words or phrases. And, Ryan is grumpy after the first half of the podcast did not record and they had to do it again.

Come let our podcast hug your earholes in this week's podcast. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Four : Toe Taco

The gang is back in town, and awkward like teens going through puberty. Liz returns from her podcast hiatus. Jonathan is back from his trip to Michigan. And Ryan is now married. We have some catching up to do including: movies, TV, and video games, iPads, bluetooth sport bands, and more! Listening to us again is like coming home after a long vacation. Lots of cobwebs and dust, a drifter or two, and bats have nestled in the attic. Plus, an injured toe.

Pleasuring your ear holes in the best way possible.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

DAMPcast Episode SIxty Three - Bros before LeBeaus

This episode was recorded a week or two before Ryan's wedding, but was finally able to be released today! Jonathan joins Ryan to chat about many geek things, while Liz is mysteriously absent. We cover the Samsung Galaxy S4, Xbone and PS4, movies, TV, games, and more! We don't need boobs to make our show entertaining (although they always help). So join this hidden vault gem (from a few weeks ago), before we get back to our regularly scheduled trio of hilariousness.  

Direct DL (we now have MP3 and M4A versions on the website!)

M4A Direct DL

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Two : Jurassic Park or Dinosaur Hijinks Ensue

Travel back in time... to the 90s! We brave the wild world of frog dinos to bring you the trilogy revisit of Jurassic Park.  Come ride a T-rex and play house with a Raptor!  Jonathan has a strange obsession with Ian Malcome.  Liz actaully watches the movies. Ryan attempts to hack the security system just like the little girl.  Relive the excitement, the disapointment, the hilarity.  Our top 5 is prehistoric animals/monsters we would put into our own theme parks.

Pleasure your earholes with Dino DNA on this week's DAMPcast. 

Intro and Outro by the talented Weird Al Yankovic "Jurassic Park"

Monday, May 13, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty One - Safety Words

The fluctuating weather can't stop our sexy cohosts from bringing you another episode.  We are BACK with a catch up episode.  Jonathan traveled to the windy city.  Elizabeth cannot seem to like good TV.  Ryan mixes his Disney movies.  Our top 5 is our favorite movie sequels.  We touch on some British TV, Luthor.  The Would You Rather segment goes into some unexpected places, including relations with a goat.  Then, we round out with movies, TV shows, and video games.

Come pleasure those earholes with things you can never unhear.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty : Wawawawawa

Pleasure your earholes with the big Six Oh!  We come back to talk about our favorite childhood toys, decide against a Geek Out, watch everything in media mania, even mention a few books!  Elizabeth barely survives her sickness, Jonathan and Ryan are becoming so manly, you might grow chest hair listening to them talk, and we spoil some Doctor Who and Game of Thrones episodes.  

Come join us as we move to a retirement community in Florida, and listen to episode 60 of a Dingo Ate My Podcast.

Monday, March 25, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Fifty Nine : Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Back from the brink of the Stock Market crash of 1929, the Dingo Ate My Podcast is back to pleasure your earholes. We do a catch up episode on what we watched, played, built and mocked.  Our two manly men prove they are manly. One builds a table and one shaves with big boy razors.  Elizabeth tries to make some of her computer game listeners mad during our Top 5 computer games segment. Ryan is one year older, but not wiser.  Jonathan isn't the meanest one on the show to the listeners.  It is a topsy turvy word and you are along for the ride!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

DAMPcast Episode FIfty Eight : Doc Blocked

Join our hosts as we reminisce about the wonderful time that was 1985.  The time where Delorians, time travel, and terrorists in VW Bugs ran rampant.  YES! Our Back to the Future trilogy is here.  Elizabeth can barely contain herself, like Marty's mom can barely contain herself from banging her future son.  Jonathan is as indifferent as a 50 year old sports almanac.  And Ryan keeps is all on track like a flying, time-traveling train.

We traverse the time vortex with our reviews, memories, a top 5 times/places we would visit, an argument on the plausibility of making copies of oneself, all while trying not to run into our past selves and disappear.

Come back in time with us on this week's podcast. We take your ear holes up to 88 miles per hour!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Fifty Seven : Bullet Sense Tingling

Feel the love on this week's episode of the DAMPcast.  Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Ryan return with humorous results.  We have a top 5 ways we would like to die.  Surprisingly no one chose pie, or listening to this podcast.  Listeners also sound off on the subject.  Our new favorite segment Would You Rather makes a triumphant return.  Jonathan might be assimilated by Skynet or the Borg. Elizabeth has doggie issues. And Ryan has a theory about when the Universe tries to kill each and every one of us.  Stick around for our Media Mania.  Plus join the betting pool on why Elizabeth's ear hurts. 

This and more on the podcast that is always in the mood to pleasure your ears. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Fifty Six : 60 Inches of Pure Glory

The titular trio are back!  This week we are all up each other's business.  We have a top 5 things we say from movies/TV.  Ryan argues that the Ghostbusters are superheroes while Jonathan argues against.  Elizabeth's dog audiobombs the podcast and speaks to Jonathan.  We have a list of movies, including our new part where we recommend a pick of the week and thumbs down one, too.  Video games, TV, and a few books round out this podcast.  Elizabeth even promises to watch something new, at some point, maybe.

Pleasure your earholes this week, right here.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Fifty Five : One Manly Tear

Come wind your watches with the first episode of 2013.  We have THREE TIMES THE TOP 5 AT THREE TIMES THE FAILURE where we cover our favorite movies, TV shows, and video games of 2012.  There is lots to catch up on in media mania.  And we laugh.  You will, too

Pleasure your ear holes in the new year!

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