Sunday, March 10, 2013

DAMPcast Episode FIfty Eight : Doc Blocked

Join our hosts as we reminisce about the wonderful time that was 1985.  The time where Delorians, time travel, and terrorists in VW Bugs ran rampant.  YES! Our Back to the Future trilogy is here.  Elizabeth can barely contain herself, like Marty's mom can barely contain herself from banging her future son.  Jonathan is as indifferent as a 50 year old sports almanac.  And Ryan keeps is all on track like a flying, time-traveling train.

We traverse the time vortex with our reviews, memories, a top 5 times/places we would visit, an argument on the plausibility of making copies of oneself, all while trying not to run into our past selves and disappear.

Come back in time with us on this week's podcast. We take your ear holes up to 88 miles per hour!

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