Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Eight : Coal in our Listener's Stockings

Extend your holidays with this Grinch filled episode. Our tinsel trio return to cover Christmas, our best/worst gifts, Jonathan's cards, Top 5 Holiday movies, plus lots of TV and movie reviews. Ryan can't stop talking, Elizabeth goes all bah-humbug, Jonathan is actually in a good mood, and Ryan's cat Isis thinks women should show more boobs in their movies. Come for the nostalgia, stay for all the movies Elizabeth's dead family members ruined.

Happy 2011!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Seven : The Muppets Tonight

Our Muppet loving misfits are back for more mayhem! We review the new 2011 Muppets movie along with the TV series, the Muppet Babies, and the other movies in the Muppets catalog. We have our top 5 Muppets, a voicemail about Bert and Ernie, and impressions from our hosts that will make your laugh and cry. Video games, more movies, and TV show reviews add to this maniacal episode.

The music comes from the Muppets (2011) Soundtrack

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Six : Gas Station Hooker

Computer problems may have delayed this episode, but our tic-tock trio couldn't be stopped. Ryan is post op surgery. Elizabeth tells us anyone with a custom license plate is right up her alley. And Jonathan has a new project he is working on. We fondly remember 90s TV shows. Skyrim has Skyrim-jobed Elizabeth and Jonathan. Finally, a brand new superfan of the week!

Please for your hear holes ahead!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Five : Fellatio Day

Our trampy trio have struck again! This week we discuss DC animated movies. Our manage a trois segment has our hosts stuck on an island with 5 other superheroes. We chat about (surprise) Dragon Age 2, MST3K, periods, and more! Elizabeth has a dirty mouth, Jonathan shows his 'love' for the show, and Ryan joins the surgery club.

Join us for all this and more, all while pleasuring your ears!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Four : Deep in Red Riding Hood’s Basket

Our trouble making http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftrio returns in the ghoulish episode! We geek out about Halloween: some of our favorite costumes, candies, memories, and more! We go deep in our Top 5 with five things we hate about geeks. We haunt you with some movies, video games, and TV shows. Pleasure yourself this wicked month with this podcast! Pleasure for your earholes AND sweet teeth.


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Friday, September 30, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Three : Dong to Boob Ratio

We are back and better than ever! Join our THREE cohosts as we feel each other out... and up! Ryan is joined by Elizabeth and Jonathan for this action packed episode. We tackle Chameleon Circuit, a band that does Doctor Who inspired songs. We list our top 5 ugliest movie stars. Lots of banter and lots of funny. Check out our new setup! Marvel at Elizabeth's love of Dragon Age II. Gasp as the boys tackle the newest Doctor's looks. Tremble at "making wampa"?!?!?! Listen and be in awe as we pleasure your earholes in a whole new way!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DAMPcast Episode Thirty Two : Clown Shoes

Our dastardly, dueling duo returns in what becomes Lenny's last episode with the DAMPcast. We argue of a couple topics, we review lots of games and movies, we review our top five fingers... wait, what? This random show has fewer plots than a SyFy movie. Lenny keeps driving off topic with everyone's http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifinfluence on social media, and Ryan tries to wrangle it back on course.

We would like to thank Lenny for his years of service, and want everyone to know the show will go on. If you fear change, just give our reboot a try when it comes out!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011