Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DAMPcast Episode Eighty Two : Return of the Kwok Talk?

Elizabeth is still lost in the woods or something, so Jonathan and Ryan are joined by the famous Kwok of Kwok Talk. Kwok lends his silk, smooth voice to the ramblings of our dynamic duo hosts.

This week we talk Halloween, Gotham and its absurdness, some movies, comics, and more! Our top 5 is also spooky themed; it is our Top 5 movies that are about or related to Halloween. Find out what Jonathan and Ryan have seen, and what Kwok has read on Wikipedia.

Come for the fun, stay for the voice of the Kwok himself. Silkily pleasure your ear holes on this week's episode.


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Monday, October 6, 2014

DAMPcast Episode Eighty One - Morning Wood

Coming to you not-live from not-New York, our trio of heroes is back! Liz is apparently too busy for you, so we brought in the next best thing. Internet not-celeb Rob from Uncanny Xcast rejoins the show, and it is all you can handle. We hit the hard topics like: Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, Ant Man, HALO, Balder’s Gate, Far Cry 3, Doctor Who, New Girl, and more.

While we face stiff competition from Liz's other shows, the guys point all their hard work at YOU! Our top five is most embarrassing boner stories. 

Come pleasure your ear holes, but be careful what you stick in there.