Sunday, June 22, 2014

DAMPcast Episode Seventy Seven : We're All Comedians Here

Turn your stranger danger alarm off, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Ryan are joined by the almost famous Rob Briscoe from the Uncanny Xcast. Get ready to have your minds overloaded with all the comedy, bromance, and general strangeness that you can handle.  Ryan tries to keep everyone on track, but with Elizabeth drooling over our guest, it is hard to contain.

Our top 5 divides the group in many ways; the top 5 driving songs to listen and sing along with. We cover XBone v PS4, X-Men Days of Future Past, Liz moving into a haunted house owned by the Russian mob, and so much, much, much (did I mention much?) more!

So D-D-Dance your way to listen and P-P-Pleasure your earholes with ep 77.

Monday, June 2, 2014

DAMPcast Episode Seventy Six : We're All Here For A Good Time, Don't Make It Weird

Hovering over your earholes like some sort of uncomfortable, humid sweat, Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Ryan are BACK! Our new foil cover variant cat cast episode. But really, we cover all the movies, TV shows, and video games we've tackled in the last few weeks.

Ryan walked all over the Windy City, and his foot didn't break! Elizabeth is babysitting like a teenager, inviting two strange men into her home for a good time while the kids sleep. And Jonathan has gone back to school! In honor of that, our top 5 is the classes we WISHED they would teach.

Let your earholes be pleasured for another cat episode.