Sunday, May 26, 2013

DAMPcast Episode Sixty Two : Jurassic Park or Dinosaur Hijinks Ensue

Travel back in time... to the 90s! We brave the wild world of frog dinos to bring you the trilogy revisit of Jurassic Park.  Come ride a T-rex and play house with a Raptor!  Jonathan has a strange obsession with Ian Malcome.  Liz actaully watches the movies. Ryan attempts to hack the security system just like the little girl.  Relive the excitement, the disapointment, the hilarity.  Our top 5 is prehistoric animals/monsters we would put into our own theme parks.

Pleasure your earholes with Dino DNA on this week's DAMPcast. 

Intro and Outro by the talented Weird Al Yankovic "Jurassic Park"

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