Sunday, November 29, 2015

DAMPcast Episode Ninety Seven : The Dark Knight Trilogy

It's the podcast you want AND deserve. Our trio of hosts take on the trio of movies that rebooted a franchise, created one of the best movies ever, and ruined all future DC movies with its grittiness. 

This is the story of John Conner who becomes rich with his knowledge of the future, trains with Liam Neeson, and becomes the Batman. From there, he faces his greatest foe who taunts Gotham and Batman. Finally, our hero rises from the ashes of a broken back to save the city from a nuke wielding guy with a sleep apnea.

Ryan surprises with his Joker impression. Jonathan annoys Liz with Bane voice. And Liz questions why she is still on the show. 

Take control of your podcast. Pleasure your earholes.

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