Monday, February 24, 2014

DAMPcast Episode Seventy Three : Terminator Franchise

Listen to us if you want to live! We travel back in time to cover the Terminator movie franchise. Get your robo dong and inflatable hooters ready for this mind boggling, no sense making, robot destroying episode!  Elizabeth actually watches some of the movies. Jonathan has to keep correcting her. And Ryan tries to sum up the headache that is time travel.  We then rank our favs (and even include the Sarah Conner Chronicles in there, too). 

So come peel off your synthetic flesh, morph into excitement, and pleasure your earholes with us.

1 comment:

  1. Quite an amusing podcast. (criticising that they were driving crappy old '83 cars in a film that was made in '84 made me chuckle!) Thought you were a bit harsh on T1 though. One of the things you have to remember about the film is the lack of Technology when it was made and the fact that it was made on a micro budget ($6 million - in comparison another FX lead movie released in the same year, GhostBusters which had a budget of $30 million). While films look better these days there is very little that even comes close to the tension and suspense that T1 brought back in '84 - as well as presenting us with some of the most memorable images in cinema history that had never been seen before. There was a reason that everyone was so excited by the eventual release of T2 in the early 90's.