Sunday, December 23, 2012

DAMPcast Episode Fifty Four : Harry Potter and the Abortiatis Curse

Back together and it feels so good! Our wizarding trio is back to review the Harry Potter series. Much to Elizabeth's delight, we tackle the ins and outs of the magic world.  Join our muggles as we review the books and movies, we have a top 5 favorite characters, and a top 5 spells we wish we could learn.  Not only do we recap, we also hit on the HARD questions: Do wizards compare "wand" sizes? Do the kids have booty call owls? Where do the boys go to "relieve tension"?  Where do the kids learn Math, science, and English?  Find out the answers to these and more in this week's Harry Potter themed episode.

Accio pleasure for your earholes!

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