Sunday, May 20, 2012

DAMPcast Episode Fourty Four : Mustache Rides

Our trilogy has jumped the shark this week as we become an orgy!  Our guest host Alex from Earth's Mightiest Podcast and Big One Comic Podcast joined us for Avengers talk.  Our top 5 is Avengers team members, followed by our favorite live action Marvel related Avenger film.  We talk about our expectations and hopes for the Avengers movie (which was unreleased at the time).  Plus we catch up on TV shows, video games, and movies.

Jonathan is snarky AND funny.  Elizabeth shows us she's a jerk by declining an invitation to Ryan's wedding next year (while the other hosts were excited to go).  Ryan calls out Elizabeth as a jerk.  And Alex bring a fresh view, albeit a wrong one, on Spiderman.

Please away those ear holes.

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